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Saturday, May 8, 2010


Welcome to the Other Path. We're an NC-17 Twilight Role-Play site with a touch of humor. We don't follow the normal rules. We like to have fun. We'd love for you to come and watch-the link to the chatroom can be found on the side bar. And if you're interested in joining, please email with the character you'd like to play (a list of available characters is also on the side bar), any experience you have and any questions. Our rules are as follows:

You are only allowed to play one character at a time.

Anything goes, but all plot lines must be agreed upon with all involved characters before being acted out. If it involves the entire family, the entire family must be in agreement.

And that's it. Told you we were easy going.

One last thing-you have GOT to have a sense of humor to play with us. We think outside the box.

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