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Monday, June 7, 2010

Converging On The Path

While we spend most of our days drifting along the edge of the Other Path, our thoughts millions of miles and other universes away, we do tend to converge at a similar time. This time is usually between the hours of Nine PM EST and Two AM EST. Occasionally we meet earlier or stay longer, but that is the general time frame during which we can be found: On The Other Path.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The New Branch of The Other Path

The Other Path as we knew it is no more. The world has exploded and been reset. God's whim has taken us on a new path with small changes in the past and an Angel in human form turned into a vampire.

This Post-New Moon Universe sees Bella telling Edward 'no' and the Cullens leaving once more. Bella has moved on and is now attending Dartmouth College where she meets Peter Whitlock, a vegetarian vampire posing as a college Theology Professor. Peter's girlfriend Charlotte owns a bookstore nearby.

Jasper and Alice have split up and gone their separate ways with no hard feelings. Jasper is now left to find his own way now that he's free of Alice's exuberant control.

Edward has spent years tracking Victoria and finally, at the expense of massive scarring and the Forks mansion, has killed the red-head and five newborn vampires she had created to begin an army... Now Edward has to find a new reason for his eternity.

Watch as lives are once more joined together as they travel The Other Path...